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For Such A Time

Jeffrey McCall's book, For Such A Time, is a memoir style book sharing his personal journey through life including deception, failed relationships, suicides, family deaths, club years, prescription and illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, homosexuality, transgender years, time at mental facility, gender dysphoria diagnosis, and even supernatural encounters with God!


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Welcome to For Such A Time ministry page! My name is Jeffrey McCall. I grew up in Middle Tennessee and now reside in Georgia. The Lord has blessed me with two amazing ministries. For Such A Time my personal ministry and Freedom March. For Such A Time is my ministry where I travel sharing my testimony of leaving LGBTQ community to follow Jesus Christ. The Freedom March is an idea the Lord gave me to gather people who also left LGBTQ lifestyles to share our stories in public city platforms and then March together proclaiming our freedom through King Jesus! With For Such A Time ministry I travel and share my testimony at churches, youth events, television shows (700 Club, 700 Club interactive, Joni Table Talk, In The Woods with Phil CRTV, Niteline, and PBS Doc "Pray Away") radio shows, "Here's My Heart" Documentary, Charisma News, Christian Posts articles, Life Site News, and so many other platforms sharing the power of Jesus Christ and what the Holy Spirit can do!


1st Freedom March 

Washington DC 

May 5th, 2018


False Identity

The Truth is that through much hurt, pain, and deception my life eventually lead to me living as a Trans woman named Scarlet. Through the power of the Holy Spirit veils were lifted and I now know that God created me as Jeffrey Abraham McCall! Glory to God for freedom from chains that only his light can shatter! My ministry goal is to  share that ANYONE can be delivered from ANYTHING!